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Clear Acrylic Key Ring
Clear blank keyring manufactured in the UK and available unassembed for you to insert your own 50mm X 35mm printed designs. You can print your inserts on your home or work printer.

The keyrings are in two sections. Your insert fits in the Keyring and the two halves clip together. Your done, a professional bevel edged Keyring.

If you would like me to resize, crop and insert your photographs for you at no extra cost, then please use the Contact Me page
Immediate availability
£ 0.50
Metal Keyring
Metal keyring with a 4cm x 2cm printed area for your favourite photo
£ 2.99
Shopper Keyring
Metal oval shaped keyring with a 25mm circular disk for your logo and a shopping trolley disc on the reverse side
£ 2.99
6 hook Wall Mounted Plaque for Dog Leads or Keys
The front features a large glossy white surface measuring 16cm x 27cm ready for your personalised image.
The plaque has 6 holes which you can add hooks for hanging up keys or leads
The back of plaque has a lovely black finish and also fixtures for allowing it to be mounted to the wall
£ 9.99
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